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The diversity around the term ‘biocultural’ in the English scientific literature

Biocultural diversity is the focus of our research project. It is probably one of the best-known terms whenever something is labelled as ‘biocultural’. You’ve probably also encountered the terms biocultural heritage, biocultural memory and biocultural conservation. And, in fact, there are many, many more expressions of the term ‘biocultural’.
In our last blogpost you have seen the wide range of contexts within which the term ‘biocultural’ was used in the scientific literature in Spanish. This time we looked at the scientific literature in English and here you can see the results the second counting exercise.
We found in the literature in English 191 different terms in 178 publications. In fact, the three most frequently used terms were the same as in the literature in Spanish: biocultural diversity (mentioned in 134 articles), biocultural heritage (38 articles), and biocultural conservation (35 articles). The observation that usually articles just employ a single term (13 articles), two terms (18 articles) or three terms (13 articles), and that some articles employ quite a number of different combinations we could repeatedly determine. The highest was in an article with 18 different terms in only one paper (Turner et al. (2016)).

Cited literature:

Turner, Katherine L., et al. “Creole hens and ranga-ranga: Campesino foodways and biocultural resource-based development in the Central Valley of Tarija, Bolivia.” Agriculture 6.3 (2016): 41.


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