Spotlight on a tragedy in the shadows: The Chiquitano Dry Forest

The Bolivian Chiquitano dry forest is at serious risk of disappearing, but in the news and talks about the global environmental crisis only the destruction of the Amazon abounds. The Chiquitano dry forest is right next to the Amazon and its rapid devastation and loss of its biocultural diversity happen unnoticed by media spotlights. In the name of the advancing agricultural frontier, the cohabitation of the indigenous people and the biodiversity of their forests on which they depend profoundly are transformed by processes of commodification and subjugation of their lands. We would like to share with you our latest publication at Envol Vert as a contribution to the visibility of these local struggles for maintaining local livelihoods and biocultural diversity.

The full article by Ortiz-Przychodzka et al. can be found under this link:

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